Christmas Cookies 2013 – The Planning Continues

03 Nov

So, I thought I’d be planning out my Thanksgiving recipes today.  Then I started reading through one of my recent Christmas board pins.  It was linked to a list of “49 Things That Taste Like Christmas” and that was where I found two new cookies for this year’s Christmas Baking list.

Candy Cane stuffed cookies

Candy Canes and Cake Batter, Yum!

One of them is the Candy Cane Cake Batter cookie shown in the pin.  The other is a sandwich style cookie with a brownie like cookie and candy cane butter cream filling.  They both look amazing!

I’m thinking this year may be a bit more heavy on the peppermint flavor.  For a few years it was heavy on the chocolate.  While I don’t think there’s anything wrong with all most of the recipes being heavy on the chocolate, I figured it’s good to change things up.

Chocolate and Peppermint

Chocolate and Candy Canes = Flavor of Christmas

One of my favorite, non-chocolate, Christmas cookie recipes is the Candy Cane Cookie.  It’s not a peppermint flavor though, it’s an almond flavored cookie.  The peppermint comes in to play by way of the candy cane dust sprinkled over the baked cookie.

I’ll be following up on those when I start my holiday baking.  That won’t happen until after Thanksgiving.  Last year’s baking weekend was Black Friday weekend.  That means we focused a lot more on candies, fudge, and trying out new recipes.

So now I have three cookies on my final list.  It’s off to a good start but still nowhere near complete.  While I continue building out the list let’s review some favorites from my 2011 Christmas Baking list.

2011 Christmas Cookies

Candy Cane Cookies, Slice and Bake Peppermint Cookies, Double Ginger Crackles, Lime Nut Buttons, Vanilla Bean Angel Pillows (these include homemade vanilla sugar!), Italian Fig Pockets (everyone loved these), Eggnog Cutouts

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