Homemade Snack Gift Basket

11 Feb

Today I’m sharing some easy, tasty recipes that you can use to create a gift basket to be proud of.  I made my first snack gift basket during a recent DIY Christmas stint.  I had wanted to do something different from the standard gift certificates that my in-laws typically requested.

They normally do a lot of entertaining during the Christmas/New Year week so I thought that a snack gift basket would be a gift they could use.  I had quite a few recipes from one of my stand-by Christmas books.

happiest of holidays

I had looked through this one multiple times but had never actually made any of the recipes in it.  I liked the idea of giving edible gift items but I thought of them as more of an inspiration for a DIY Christmas.  Well, the DIY Christmas was underway so it was time to try this idea out.

I started by deciding on which recipes made sense to make.  There were a couple that had different flavored pretzels, so I whittled it down to one pretzel recipe.  I went with the chocolate covered pretzels as I had other savory options to choose from.  Plus, I knew these were easy and tasty so win-win.

I had made a cinnamon bun popcorn that I knew I wanted to include.  I had also made toffee, which I always do during the holidays, so that was included.  I use the Land O’ Lakes chocolate-covered toffee recipe every year.  It’s a keeper!

The last three items were new recipes for me and they all turned out excellent!  I went with ranch flavored oyster crackers, spiced nuts, and homemade mocha liqueur.  In regards to the spiced nuts, the recipe recommends pecans or assorted nuts.  I had two bags of assorted nuts that I had used for another recipe so I went with those.  I think that really ramped up the “gourmet” factor for this gift.  So if you’re giving this away I’d say go with the assorted nuts.

I used Ziploc sandwich bags to keep the snacks fresh.  Then I put one bag of each snack into these cute Chinese food style boxes.  They had different holiday looks printed on them and they came in a couple of different sizes.  I got them at Michaels for a great price right at the beginning of the holiday season.

I printed out the names of each snack and put them on top of the boxes.  I put the liquor into a clean wine bottle with a twist top.  Then I used a metallic holiday wrapping paper to wrap around the bottle’s label.  I printed out a label for the liquor and attached it to the wrapping paper.  Once I was done with all of that I placed all of the boxes into a holiday basket.

Let me just say this gift was a hit!  My mother-in-law commented on it at least three different times in the days following Christmas.  She also brought it up during this year’s holiday season and said how much she had liked receiving that gift.

This is a great gift during any time of the year.  Plus, you can change out the recipes to add in some seasonal flavors.  The choices are endless.  Let’s recap the final gift basket recipes.

Homemade Snack Foods Gift Basket

Chocolate Covered Pretzels – You just dip the pretzels in melted chocolate.  Add sprinkles, drizzle another chocolate over them, be creative.

Cinnamon Bun Popcorn


Spiced Nuts

Ranch Flavored Oyster Crackers

Mocha Liqueur 

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